About The Career Development Network

About CDNet

CDNet (Career Development Network) is a duly registered not for profit, non-governmental organisation whose objective is to research, develop and organise appropriate data, relevant information and resource materials for the provision of career development services across all age brackets.

Though initiated by a few individuals, CDNet is about capitalising on the power of collective action by all stakeholders and creating strategically aligned partnerships to build and maintain a universal platform for career development.


Career development is now considered a mainstream strategy for markedly enhancing the national development agenda and global competitiveness. Information required for career development in Nigeria is largely non-existent or uncoordinated. The status quo in is that most people pursue career choices ignorantly, without access to accurate, adequate information about the variety of courses offered by various institutions and outlook of occupational opportunities.


CDNet aims to provide a structured and organised approach to career education, guidance and support and in so doing, achieve the following objectives:

  • Help people make the most of their latent potential through making informed career choices that are congruent with their capability, flair and passion.
  • Enhance quality of life through improved satisfaction that derives from job/career enjoyment.
  • Facilitate equal opportunity for all via access to reliable information.
  • Aid employability, enterprise, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning for national economic prosperity.
  • Foster an organised and structured approach to career development.

Modalities for achieving these objectives include creating a portal (www.cdnetng.org) and publishing career journals for the different industry sectors.


The primary beneficiaries are students, parents, school leavers, job seekers, career explorers and other learners. The secondary beneficiaries are Schools and Colleges, Tertiary and Vocational Institutions, Policy Makers, Professional Bodies, Career Centres and other Career Services Providers.


In pursuing its goal, CDNet will partner with relevant government agencies, educational institutions and training providers, professional bodies, employers, donors, related NGOs and other career services providers.

Office Address

7, Taofeek Lawal Street, Off Raymond Njoku Street, South West Ikoyi, Lagos,



01-6290282, 01-8445871






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