Areas Of Work

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Info. Tech.

This area of work encompasses activities to do with the planning, design, development, implementation/provision, management and technical support for IT and telecommunications assets - hardware, networks and software, and their use to support the delivery of information systems.


This area of work encompasses activities to do with assessment of financial risk and the design, development, sales and marketing, and management of products and services offering financial protection against unforeseen events. It covers such aspects as underwriting, broking, customer services, sales, risk management, investigation, compliance, training, actuarial, marketing and administrative roles.

Languages & Linguistics

Work in this area encompasses activities relating to the use, translation and teaching of languages, and their structures and variations.


This area of work encompasses activities dealing with planning, legislation and provision of legal aid, services and education and covering all aspects of legal practice - commercial, tax, criminal, maritime, labour and employment etc.

Litigation and Criminal Justice

This area of work involves the process of taking legal action in a system of law enforcement, involving the police, lawyers, courts, and corrections, which is used for all levels of criminal activities and punishments. 

Manufacturing & Production

This area of work involves activities covering processing, assembly, production and manufacturing of products and includes all related professional and technical support services such as process engineering, production planning and control, operations and maintenance, quality assurance etc

Market Research

This area of work covers activities involving the planning, gathering and analysis of information on behalf of organisations, typically on consumer or social issues, to enable them make informed decisions - political, social and economic as the case may be.

Marketing & Sales

This area of work deals with attracting, acquiring and retaining customers and involves identification of needs, development of products/services, creation of marketing strategies, to sales promotion, the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals and maintaining customer relationships.

Operations & Maintenance

This area of work encompasses planning, directing and providing all the broad spectrum of technical services required to assure that facilities, systems and equipment perform the functions for which they are designed and constructed.


This area of work covers activities dealing with the design, financing, regulation, operation and management of pension schemes.

Performing Arts

This area of work encompasses activities related to the planning, directing, producing and performance of arts such as dance, drama, and music, that are staged before an audience.

Public Administration

This area of work covers activities to do with planning, research, policy development and execution, and administration, management and delivery of public services at the local, state, and federal levels. It includes such functions as town planning, regulation, national security, revenue and taxation etc.

Public Relations

This area of work encompasses activities to do with planning, effecting, controlling and monitoring of communication with the public on behalf of individuals or organisations, to promote their message and/or build, maintain and manage their reputation.

R & D/Scientific Analysis

This area of work has to do with investigative activities in a systematic manner directed toward explaining phenomena, acquisition of a new body of knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It also covers the application of the knowledge to creating new and/or improved products, processes, and services.


This area of work encompasses activities involved in the research, review, analysis, interpretation, planning and reporting of a variety of data and information and the application of these to the development of programmes, policies, projects or enterprise.

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