Welcome to Career Development Network, CDNet.

CDNet aims to provide a structured and organised approach to career education, guidance and support, by creating a shared and collaborative platform for career information (

Career information must necessarily be localized, reflecting the reality of the world of work in which individuals are participating as well as being responsive to the constantly changing world of work. The scope of this phase of the project covers information that assists the process of career development and includes occupational and industry information, educational and training information and social information related to the world of work.

The successful implementation of this initiative rests on building up a co-creation community of knowledgeable and committed contributors, capitalising on the power of collective action to develop the required materials.

We seek individual as well as institutional contributors. Institutional contributors because the project requires close collaboration between different government ministries, agencies, and between federal, state and local governments, employers of labour and other stakeholders in sharing information. It must be particularly informed by the experience and perspective of employers so as to maximise the benefits to both students/job seekers and employers, and to ensure career guidance takes account of developments in the employment market.

Given the size and scope of the project, the expectation is that contributors will work together in parallel on different pieces. All content will be reviewed and approved for accuracy and quality by administrators, who shall be subject matter experts, before being made available for public viewing.

How you can help

As a Content Creator

  1. Research information and create content in the format specified for the following subject matter :
  1. Give feedback and suggestions for effective and improved participation on content creation.

As a Reviewer

  1. Review subject matter and help improve quality and accuracy of content.
  2. Give a requested editor review.
  3. Give suggestions for effective and improved participation of content providers/reviewers.

As an Administrator

  1. Review and approve content for public view.

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please send us a message (Contact Us).

We appreciate your support, thank you.

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