Is our University system answering education, employment and development needs?

There is a major disconnect between the skills we need as a nation and what the educational system is churning out.
This contradiction is apparent when everywhere around us there are vacancies, a lack of relevant skills and organisations have to retrain new intakes.
It was reported recently that there are 62 illegal universities. It was also reported that 1.7 million people sat for UTME, the entry gate to the university system, yet there are only .52 million university spaces in recognised universities ! How many of the number who actually even graduate, are gainfully employed using the skills / education acquired at university? We still have many unemployed graduates.
What expectations do we have for the 1 million + students who annually do not have a university place?
Are we doing enough to educate and create awareness in career counselling within the realities of the country and society?
Where and how do we keep the growing youth population employed in areas that feed into development? There are many laudable initiatives, but on such a small scale. Do we need to make fundamental changes in the educational system again?

education in nigeria

yes our education need to b totally reviewed if any meaningful legacy is going to be left for posterity.the series of semi-illitrates we've had as military leaders and desperate and greedy politicians has left the education sector besieged in the abyss of ruin.leaders that have failed to differentiate a poly system from a university system.polytechnics are known to give the required engineering skills has been totally grounded in universities charlartans are absorbed as lecturers.i weep for nigeria

Education in Nigeria

True Kenneth but what can you and I do about it. Do we fold our hands? Solutions, solutions, solutions required.

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