Marketing Communications Specialist

Careers in marketing communications are very diverse and cut across many disciplines in the field. Such disciplines include advertising, brand management, corporate social responsibility, digital media, direct marketing, internal communications, investor relations, public affairs, public relations and sponsorship. Most professionals in marketing communications either work in-house for an organization, or as part of an agency, servicing a range of clients. However these days, there is a growing crop of freelance workers who are able to compete with agencies because they are more agile, often offering faster turnaround delivery times. There are various upsides to working either in-house or for an agency. With an agency, you get the opportunity to work with different organizations in different sectors and so you develop broad experience. On the other hand, working with one organization, you get to manage the brand’s communication from end to end, you “own” the brand, so to speak and thus develop a deep knowledge of your brand and how to communicate it effectively.

Job Details
Work Details: 

Most organizations, whether private, government or non-profit today recognize the strategic role of marketing communications and so have communication departments or teams depending on the organization size. There are varying roles available in advertising, marketing and PR agencies, from client services to the creative team. Publicist roles also exist, where communications activities are centered around an individual such as a celebrity or politician.

Entry / Training Requirements: 

Experience is really king in this field, however degrees in mass communications, public relations, graphic design are also helpful, depending on the particular path you choose to follow. Different disciplines require different qualifications, for example to practice public relations in Nigeria, you must be registered as a member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), which involves having the qualification.

In truth, marketing communications professionals draw on a wealth of knowledge and resources from other humanistic disciplines such as psychology, history, and literature to truly enable them come up with creative ideas and campaigns that strengthen the affinity between a brand or organization and its target audience.

Opportunities & Pay: 

Remuneration packages for marketing communications professionals are competitive and vary depending on years of experience and qualifications.

Minimum Educational Level: 
Undergraduate Degree
Job Level: 
Supervisory / Middle Management
Job Level: 
Professional / Managerial
Work Experience: 

Marketing communications involves a lot of creativity, brainstorming sessions, long hours and meetings. It has historically been very dynamic and is even more so today with technological advancements such as social media and smart phones. As a marketing communications professional whether in-house or agency, what is most important is to understand who your target audience is and what kind of media they consume. This means constantly keeping up with latest trends.

Licenses/Professional Certifications: 
Nigerian Institute of Public Relations

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