Business Development Manager

 A Business Development Manager helps to improve an organisation's market and financial positions. This person's roles include identifying business opportunities, building customer relationships, negotiating and closing business deals while keeping abreast of current market trends.

Job Details
Entry / Training Requirements: 

A good degree preferably in finance, sales, marketing and business management, will be able to take advantage of the graduate programmes run by some companies. A valid driving licence is also essential for this role as it would require a lot of travelling.

Opportunities & Pay: 

The average salary for a business development manager depends on the type of facility he is employed in.
They may have opportunities for raises, as well as advancement to higher-earning positions such as senior business development executive depending on their employer. 

Minimum Educational Level: 
Job Level: 
Supervisory / Middle Management
Salary Range Per Annum: 
1,000,000 - 3,000,000
Work Experience: 

Usually 1-3 years experience in sales or marketing would give a better advantage.

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