Japheth J. Omojuwa - Blogger at www.omojuwa.com

Japheth J.  Omojuwa is a foremost blogger, speaker, socio-political commentator, think tank and social media expert. Founder of the popular blog www.omojuwa.com, he is one of the voices in Nigeria that drives social change through social media. He shares his career story and some sound advice.
As an undergraduate at the Federal University of Agriculture, I realized a large number of the Nigerian population were cultivating a culture of dependence on the internet for information on any and everything. So I decided to start www.omojuwa.com to be involved in the conversation at that time - this was over five years ago. I began sharing my thoughts on socio-political issues, events and happenings in Nigeria and Africa; most of my posts were opinion blog posts, but posts that struck a chord with people at home and abroad. After graduating from university, I went on to lecture at the University of Free Berlin in Germany on Africa- Democratic Prospects and Challenges. Prior to that I had completed a course on Marketing Communications from Orange Academy. My voice as a blogger naturally translated to me being a public speaker and socio-political commentator on diverse issues from social media, civil disobedience/unrest to African issues as well as being on discussion panels on African issues, where I represented Nigeria. Today www.omojuwa.com, which was the starting point is part of the other initiatives I run including www.africanliberty.orgwww.naijateenz.com, and another initiative in the loop.

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