A copywriter is someone who writes or edits written content for the purpose of advertising or marketing, for a living. Such content is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, a service or influence their beliefs and can cover a range of formats such as slogans, news releases, brochures, copy for print adverts or leaflets and pamphlets, scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials, web advertising, and social media posts.

Job Details
Work Details: 

While copywriting is essentially for the purpose of advertising and marketing, there are different types of copywriting and positions with particular skill sets in some cases.  These include:
The Agency copywriter - Agency copywriter works in-house for graphic designs studios, full service marketing agencies, digital agencies where they generate text to order for the agency’s clients. 
The In-house copy writer- They are employed by large organizations who have their own marketing departments and need the services of a writer full time.
Advertising copywriting- This is the kind of writing most people think of when they hear the word copywriting. Advertising copywriters generally work alongside an art director within the creative department of an advertising, media or full-service agency to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns - writing content for press,  web advertising, as well as scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials. It includes the creation of memorable headlines, slogans and headlines that people remember. They also work with media planners/buyers and the production department to fully develop the advertising campaign.
Website copywriting- This covers producing text for websites. However the skills of the web copywriter do not end at simply producing the copy. They are likely to get involved in structuring the site, planning the users experience, setting tone of voice, ensuring usability and getting design and text to work together. A web copy writer needs a good working knowledge of web design and usability.
SEO copywriting- SEO copywriting is the creation of web text with two aims: appealing to readers and achieving prominence in the result listed by search engines for particular results.
Online article copywriting- Writing online articles is the same as writing for offline media. There is a brief, perhaps a word count, and the copywriter produces the text. However, because some SEO strategies require the creation of large amount of on-topic copy. Sometimes , online press releases are used to build search profile, and these are also churned out with an eye on speed and quantity rather than quality.

Copywriters therefore are seen within organizations such as advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing firms, broadcasting and cable providers, Newspaper and magazine houses, and creative agencies.  A copywriter could be an independent contractor who freelances for different clients.
A copywriter also edits what other people write. This includes content editing, copy editing, fact checking, indexing, research, production editing, and proofreading for general business communications, textbooks, and publishing. For those skilled with other languages, there is also a big market for translations.

Entry / Training Requirements: 

A first degree in Art or Social Sciences is preferable, but a first degree in any other field is acceptable provided the candidate displays special aptitude for creativity and the area of work.

Opportunities & Pay: 

Opportunities exist within organizations such as advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing firms, broadcasting and cable providers, Newspaper houses, magazines and creative agencies.  Copy writers are also employed by larger companies as in-house specialists and could be an independent contractors who freelance for different clients.

Minimum Educational Level: 
Higher National Diploma
Job Level: 
Supervisory / Middle Management
Job Level: 
Professional / Managerial
Salary Range Per Annum: 
Under 1 Million
Salary Range Per Annum: 
1,000,000 - 3,000,000
Salary Range Per Annum: 
3,000,000 - 5,000,000
Work Experience: 

Copy writing involves a lot of creativity. The ability to write clear copy in a variety of styles with accurate spelling and grammar is key. A copywriter must have good research skills and must be attentive to details. Furthermore a copy writer must understand the target audience he or she wishes to appeal to. Ability to function effectively in a team is important too.

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