Kingston Nwosu

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Entry Route: 
During my NYSC, I served with FBN Capital Limited. I participated in a rotation programme for corps members within the firm, during which we were expected to pass through about five departments for the duration of the programme including Equity Research. Upon completion of NYSC, we were automatically accepted into the inaugural Graduate Training Programme in 2012. After a month in the classroom, I was fortunate to advance to the next phase, where I was posted to the Research department for a three-months-on-the-job training. At the end of this period, we had to do projects on specific topics and make presentations to a panel consisting of HODs, Management Committee (MANCOM) members, HR and some other senior members of staff. It was after this that I got permanent employment as an Equity Research Analyst in January 2013.
FBN Capital Limited.
Equity Research Analyst

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