HR Managers Speak - Diamond Bank

1. When and how often do you recruit entry level staff?
We recruit periodically on an annual basis to address current needs. We also maintain a robust pipeline database for future needs.
2. How can I get to know when your organisation is recruiting?
We use a combination of internal and external advertisement, online sourcing and internal referrals. You can also send in your CV to the Human Capital Management Group unsolicited.
3. What does your recruitment process entail?
Our process includes submission of applications and CVs; shortlisting and invitation of suitable candidates for our entry level tests, followed by 2 levels of interviews for the successful candidates; Entry Level Training programme and Approval by the GMD.
Experienced hires (whether head-hunted or voluntary applicants) go through two (2) levels of interviews and finally the approval to hire by the GMD
4. How do I apply?
You can send your CV via email to Diamond Bank enquiries
5. How can I make my application stand out and be worthy of consideration?
Strict adherence to the basic qualification requirements and exhibition of distinction by the way you organise the information on your CV. Your CV should be properly ordered and without errors (names, dates or grammatical).
6. What mistakes should I avoid?
Grammatical and information errors; supply of unsubstantiated information and disorganised information on your CV.
7. What happens after my application has been submitted?
Your application is subjected to a thorough screening; included in our database; shortlisted if you are suitable for an opening and the recruitment process commences.
8. How can I get an update on the status of my application?
Text messages (SMS) are sent to successful candidates after screening and sometimes followed up with phone calls.
9. If your process entails taking aptitude tests, how do I best prepare for them?
Through constant studying of different source materials for graduate entry level tests. The basic areas for aptitude tests are usually quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical and divergent reasoning.
10. How can I prepare for an interview with your organisation?
Research for information on the recruiting organisation; get acquainted with regulatory news about the financial services industry and current affairs; understand where your education/experience can fit into the recruiting organisation’s value chain; presentation/communication, dressing & carriage; understand the information you have supplied on your CV and be ready to present and defend it at the interview.

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