Olugbenga Kogbe

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I was born and raised in Nigeria, grew up in Europe, studied and worked in Europe, America and Nigeria. I trained as a Civil engineer and during my undergraduate studies I worked as an intern on irrigation projects in Africa, and dams and road tunnels in Europe. I then went on to do a masters in soil mechanics and environmental geotechnics, after which I took some time off to study spanish in Spain before joining Shell in Holland and working with them in Scotland. I started to develop an interest in entrepreneurship and sustainable development while at Shell. As an engineer, I wasn't too confident about my entrepreneurship skills so I quit shell and went to the USA to study for a masters degree in business administration with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship. I worked for an American oil company for a year before I finally took the plunge into entrepreneurship. I founded my first company, Fuelture, to focus on modifying vehicles to run on alternative fuels. This company was unsuccessful and I started a consulting firm, Andacite, to work with other start-ups (such as Riversimple in the UK, and Liligo in France). After my consulting “break”, I started Sunhive Ltd in the UK develop solar energy generators across the south coast of England. I currently still run Sunhive and we have now expanded our focus to developing solar projects in Nigeria. I am very keen on using business as a tool to address environmental and societal issues. In addition to Sunhive, I have also founded Gcity Farm Ventures Nigeria Ltd to supply fresh vegetables and fruits from farms to homes and businesses in Lagos (this is more like a “hobby business”).
Sunhive Ltd and Gcity Farm
Business Owner

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