Aquaculturists are generally concerned with the care of organisms that live in water, from plants to animals. They are technicians concerned with breeding of healthy farm fish particularly for human consumption. Aquaculturists  cultivate both marine and fresh water species, ranging from fish, shellfish and even plants, which can range from land-based to open-ocean production. They are largely responsible for coordinating production of large scale fish operations. 


Alternative Job Title: 
Fish Farmer
Job Details
Work Details: 

- Supervising activities on the fish farm
- Pond water quantity and quality management
- Feeding and general breeding of fishes
- Record keeping and scheduling of fish stock in the farm

Entry / Training Requirements: 

A degree in Aquaculture, Aquaculture and Fishery Management, Marine Biology or Science related field. Aquaculture is largely learnt on the job.

Opportunities & Pay: 

While aquaculture opportunities are mostly entrepreneurial in nature, recreational (sport) fishing industry, food and agriculture based industries, quarantine, and private consulting are some of the areas of opportunities available.

Minimum Educational Level: 
Undergraduate Degree
Job Level: 
Supervisory / Middle Management

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