So What’s Business Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence Got To Do with It?

By Ngozi C. Caulcrick
Mina and Pat worked in the same bank. They were attractive, hardworking, smart and focused. They had both graduated from the same university and were hired within days of each other. At the time I met them, they both were assistant managers, and were eagerly waiting to be made managers. However, the position could go to only one person. As result oriented as Pat was, she did not believe personal finesse mattered very much. To her, what mattered was the bottom-line, getting the job done. Mina on the other hand, was a lot more conscious of her personal refinement, people skills, general comportment, manners and mingling skills. In other words, she was more etiquette savvy.
D Day arrived. Apparently the bank needed a manager who could relate effortlessly with different classes of customers, as well as wine and dine the A-list ones with ease. Whom did the bank promote? Your guess is as good as mine.
So what’s Business Etiquette got to do with raising your profile in the business environment? Everything! Because Business Etiquette is about your comportment, your walk, talk, demeanor, dress and grooming skills, dining and entertainment skills, as well as your mingling skills. EVERYTHING SPEAKS, particularly in today’s fiercely competitive business arena.
Business Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence will distinguish you amongst your peers and set you aside from the crowd. As a corporate executive, you need that professional poise, polish, and panache that will have a positive impact on both your internal and external customers. While on its own it may not get you too far, it will always give you that winning edge over the other person that’s just as smart!. It will raise your professional image, so you have confidence in any social or business setting – you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It certainly ups the ante, enhancing your personal brand value.  With your image and packaging punched up, you will always project confidence and authority. You’ll become a well rounded professional, relevant in today’s global environment, and better able to relate both across local and international borders.
Get business etiquette savvy. Etiquette is like biking; you only learn by practice. So read, listen, observe, and most especially, practice.
Remember, everything speaks.

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