Adekoyejo Sofoluwe

About Your Job
Entry Route: 
My entry route was enrolling for the IATA/UFTAA + EBT International Travel & Tourism Training Programme – Foundation diploma. This provided me with the opportunity to really consider my options in the tourism industry as it made me see the aspect of tourism I wanted to develop my career in. My first job after my programme was as a tour manager with a travel agency called Reliable Tours & Travels Ltd in Lagos. My course provided me with some advantage as it was a requirement for most jobs in travel agencies. The training included the use of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) through which travel agencies book and purchase flight tickets. However, I believe if I had some level of work experience, presentation and selling skills, I would have performed better than I did while working with the agency. I had very basic knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. I think it is good to have a qualification but a combination of qualification and work experience is critical.
Corporate Leisure Limited
Business Development Manager

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