Molabowale Williams

About Your Job
Entry Route: 
Doing a first degree in economics opened up many career paths such as Finance, Consulting, Accounting, Law etc. During my third year in university, I decided to try and do a summer internship in an investment banking firm to get a better idea about what I wanted to do after college. By this time I had been hearing a lot about the stock market crash in Nigeria where a lot of Nigerians lost money, and a global crisis that was caused by investment banks in the US; I was fascinated by these stories. My aunt was in the finance industry so I asked her to please send out my CV to her contacts for a two-month summer internship. I eventually got an internship at CardinalStone Partners, a young investment banking firm in Lagos. This internship helped me understand finance better and led me to a my eventual career path as a financial analyst. In fact, this innocuous two-month internship I did became very key to my career because, guess where I eventually got my first job after months of searching- CardinalStone Partners!
Citi Bank
Financial Analyst

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